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Tax resilience and a theory of the justification of the system*

 Abstract: Resilience is the property of a system to adapt to the change of state due to endogens or exogens factors. Like another complex system, the tax system is more or less resilient. The adaptation can be conservative, looking at the present continuity, or transformative, appreciating changes to ensure its future. There are no easy decisions. The State's symbolic power has to choose between the existing failures, which advantages some or faces the most reforms. It is not only a moral profile. Transformative resilience implies social equality, redistribution of wealth,...

di Tulio Rosembuj

Rassegna tributaria

Rassegna Tributaria, da oltre sessant’anni è una delle più prestigiose riviste in materia fiscale in Italia, si avvale della collaborazione dei più autorevoli studiosi di Diritto tributario delle maggiori Università italiane e conta la presenza di titolati studiosi di Università europee.

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